SynCon International
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Budapest, Hungary

Suzanne Pozsonyi

SynCon International is a clinical research service provider in the pharmaceutical industry and life sciences.

SynCon International is offering clinical research services in the emerging regions of Central and Eastern Europe and Latin America.

Founded by Suzanne Pozsonyi in 2005, with the aim of transferring her international clinical research and strategic business development experience to pharma companies or service providers who do not have the presence in the emerging regions.

SynCon International is registered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and has affiliated offices in Budapest, Hungary, Moscow, Russia and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The companies’ core business is to support small or mid size, regional, US based or Western European pharma companies and CROs wanting to do business in the emerging markets.

SynCon International also provides strategic business development for CROs in the emerging markets.

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